Diet for Building Muscle

When you’ve made the decision to get into shape, whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, or build some buff-looking muscle, there is far more involved than simply going to the gym and exercising. The old adage about “garbage in, garbage out” has never been as true as when you’re discussing the way that our body looks. Feed yourself junk food and it will show in flabby belly and lax muscles, but feed yourself quality protein, healthy fats, and even a surprising stimulant and you’ll find that what you are putting into your body is just as important as the efforts that you are expending. Studying up on which foods and fuels will maximize the impact of your exercise efforts will definitely pay off. Here are the top foods and beverages to include in your diet to help you build up strong, healthy muscle:



The “incredible edible egg” got a bit of a bum rap for a few years there when people dropped it from their diet out of fear of cholesterol woes. But as it turns out those fears were unwarranted, and eggs – and the yolks in particular – are truly one of nature’s perfect foods. Loaded with one of the most efficient sources of protein as well as Vitamin B-12 (and many other nutrients), eggs not only build muscle but help you break down fat and make your muscles more efficient.




We all know that water is the elixir of life, but who knew that it would help build muscle? Well, as it turns out, when the cells of your muscles are dehydrated they don’t convert protein as effectively as they do when they’re well hydrated. Drink plenty of water on a regular basis and you’ll not only find that your exercise feels easier, but also that it is more effective.



yoghurt with wild berries

Yogurt has long-had a reputation as an excellent diet food that’s rich in calcium, but the secret is that it also is high in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Not only does this substance reduce body fat, but yogurt as a whole provides you with both protein and carbs to grow your muscle and help your recovery. In fact, regular yogurt will help prevent muscle breakdown.

Olive Oil

olive oil

Of course, we’re not recommending that you take a swig of olive oil, but it is important for you to be aware of the benefits of this Mediterranean liquid. Plain and simple, the monounsaturated fat in olive oil helps to prevent muscle breakdown, and extra-virgin olive oil is loaded with Vitamin E. Use it in place of butter, and in all of your cooking.



Looking for a snack? Feeling a pang of hunger? Grab a handful of unsalted roasted almonds and do your buff bod a world of good. Not only are almonds loaded with protein, they are also heavy on the Vitamin E, which prevents muscle breakdown after a workout. Don’t overdo them … a couple of handfuls a day will take good care of you.



Eating salmon has so many benefits that we almost don’t know where to start. Not only is it loaded with high quality protein, it also is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which improve recovery and help prevent your freshly minted muscle tissue from breaking down. Beyond that, salmon has whole-body benefits that include insulin resistance, reduced risk of heart disease, and reduced risk of diabetes.



Beef is loaded with protein, zinc, iron, and creatine, which means that it not only helps to build muscle but also gives you the energy to keep pumping it up. In fact, beef is the number one source for creatine in the human diet! For maximum benefit, ask your butcher for the leanest possible cuts of beef; this cuts down on your fat intake and means that what you are taking in is pure protein.



Coffee as a muscle builder? Sounds a little off, doesn’t it? But studies have shown that when you drink a cup or two of coffee before your workout, you have much more energy and stamina, which means that you can lift longer and stronger; and what could be a better muscle builder than that?

Black Beans


Black beans are rich in protein and are a fiber and nutrient-rich carbohydrate. Including these beauties in your diet will keep your calorie intake to a minimum while fueling your body to build bigger, stronger muscles.

Cottage cheese

cottage cheese

People don’t give cottage cheese enough credit; did you know that a cup of low-fat cottage cheese has 28 grams of protein! And it is a potent source of casein protein, the type that is known for slow-release, which makes it a great late night recovery food. Cottage cheese tastes great mixed with just about anything, and is low in calories and fat.

Want to get the diet that’s right for you?

It can be quite tricky getting the right diet information for you without the help of a nutritional expert. But these experts can get quite pricey quite fast. These days however, there are also certain online tools that can help. These are tools in which you can input things like your height, weight, choose foods you would like in your diet. Then, a diet customized especially to your needs would be created.

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